About justAIMe

Name: Amy

Locale: Small Town USA

D.O.B: 09/29

Job: Internet Marketer, Race Horse Owner and professional pain in the ass.

Fav Color: Blue & Green

Fav Number: 13

Fav Car: BMW M3, Mustangs and Dodge trucks!

Fav Beer: Miller Lite, Smithwicks, Rolling Rock

Current Vehicles: 1966 vintage all original Mustang “leroy”, 1989 step side chevy 4×4 “elroy”

Over Used Phrases: Fuur Real, Right On

Weaknesses: Gummi Bears, Beer, Barqs Rootbeer

Fav Teams: Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts,Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Cavaliers

Pets: English Bulldog “leroy”, Jack Russell “riley”, Boxers “laila”, and “sadie”, Standardbred horses “banker ben”, “belles arrow”, daisy nuke”, “itchintogo”,(”boondock sam” RIP)

Little Known Facts: I was dropped on my head when I was a month old I shit you not. I fell off the slide when I was in 1st grade and hit my head on the cement, older brother tipped me back on my big wheel when I was 5 and hit my head so hard it bled for 20mins, when I was 8 my fathers friend swung me around by my feet and hit my head into the house seeing a pattern? lol When I was 4 I thought the world was a bubble and if I ran to the end I would bounce off it. I lost my last baby tooth when I was 25 years old lol. When I was younger I freaked out about everything,.. My older brother and uncles had me terrified of storms to the point where I would wear little rubber model car tires around my lil fingers because rubber isn’t a conductor for electricity that’s how scared I was of lightning lol. I am an extremely shy and sheltered person.

Best Qualities: Heart, Loyalty, Honesty, Personality.

Worst Qualities: Bad Irish temper, impatient only when I have to wait lol, not knowing when to shut up.

Weird Quirks: I hate even numbers, when I grab something from a shelf at a store I grab the 3rd one back, I eat my fruit loops by color, same with captn crunch berries I eat the lil yellow thingy’s first then the berries.

….more to come lol