What happens when a linear perspective story about an anthropomorphic creature starts to look a little like a video game?

A new anime by the visual novel and game development studio Nisio Isin is making some of its protagonists look like they’re living in a video-game.

The latest anime, Kiseki-kiseki ( イズキキルチョコ ) ( カイコエスト ), is the third in the “Kiseki” series of animated shorts from the studio.

The story takes place in a small Japanese town where a boy named Hikaru Ichimura is a budding video game player who gets the urge to go on a date with a cute girl named Kiseleia, but can’t decide whether he should date her or play with his friends.

He decides to go with her.

His friends, however, want to go, and they end up getting into a fight when they try to go to the prom together.

Ichimura and Kiseletteia go on an adventure together, with each of them learning about the other and becoming friends along the way.

When they arrive at the prom, Kileleia gets into a scuffle with a girl named Izumi, and Ichimura’s friends run away.

Izumi then kidnaps Kileletteia, and she and her friends try to escape to the forest, but they run into a giant, robot-like creature who attacks them and leaves them trapped in a tree.

Ichimura, however.

saves them and saves Kilelettia’s friends, and the group then sets off to a forest nearby.

When Kiseleeia’s group discovers a mysterious portal, the portal is destroyed, and their friends return to their hometown.

At first, Ichimura and his friends seem happy to be together.

They go on adventures together, meet new people, and even get a job.

When a monster is attacking the town, however (it turns out to be a giant robot), their friends decide to leave and go to safety.

But Kileleeia finds herself being hunted by the robot.

Kiseleeias journey ends up being a bit more complicated than it appears, with her friends becoming more of a family to her.

Ichimus adventure also involves a lot of twists and turns, and he gets more involved in a lot more of the story.

While it doesn’t make for a great anime, I like how Kiseleyi is taking a bit of a linear approach.

There are also some nice touches in the anime.

The first thing you notice about the anime is the way it’s presented.

There is a video screen in the center of the screen, where you can play your game, watch the characters’ interactions, and view some of the background images.

There’s a character called Miharu ( メハルヒカ ), who plays a video player.

It’s also possible to play a game like Kiseeko, where the player is able to play video games like video games and move them around the screen.

It also features a camera on the screen that lets you see all the different areas the characters are in, which is really cool.

It was kind of neat.

The character also has a cute little face, and it seems like it could be used as a cute character to play with.

The other thing you noticed is the music, which takes place on a different screen in front of the characters.

The sound track is called “Gemma and the Blue Flowers” ( ロマジラミラ ), and it’s composed by the composer of Kiseeki-kiteki, Yūsuke Itō.

It is an upbeat song, and was a nice touch.

I really liked the song, but it could have been more upbeat and more of an upbeat-dance music video.

The animation also has some interesting elements to it.

There were some really interesting animated elements, like the camera moving around and the animation of Kilella moving around.

I didn’t have a good time with this one.

The anime does get some pretty emotional moments, especially with Ichimura trying to save Kiseletia.

I loved how the music in this scene is pretty sad, but the animation was really cool too.

The music also plays a big part in this episode, which I enjoyed very much.

It really brings out the emotions in the characters and their interactions.

When you listen to it, you can really feel the feelings of the show.

I also liked how the anime was kind, and I think the characters were also very emotional.

There was also a cute animation that was cute.

The story had a lot to do with the music and the story, so I loved the anime a lot.

The characters are also very cute.

There really was a cute, innocent, innocent feeling to the characters, and this was definitely the highlight of the anime for me.

The characters were all very cute, and that’s definitely a good

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