The scientific method definition of confirmation bias

Science, as a science, is the science of evidence.

It is based on evidence.

The key to understanding the science is to be clear about what evidence is.

It’s like having a dictionary, and knowing what each word means.

So when we speak of confirmation biases, we’re not talking about bias, but rather, what happens when a word appears in the dictionary with no clear definition.

We want to know why it appears.

We need to be careful not to be influenced by a word that’s been in common usage for a long time, but that’s not what we’re seeing.

There are a number of things that are influencing the way we use words.

What happens is, the word becomes more popular.

And so, it gets associated with more people, and it gets more people to look at it, and more people will come to that word.

But it also happens that other people who are more attuned to that meaning are more likely to use it, which can influence the way that people use that word in other contexts.

And that means that the word may be associated with things that it’s not associated with before.

Confirmation bias, which we talked about earlier, occurs when people who have a bias towards one word (confirmation) start to use a different word (prove) with the same meaning.

And if they do that over and over again, we end up with confirmation bias.

That’s a form of confirmation.

We should be careful about how we use these words.

And what we have to do is to understand the context in which they’re used.

So we want to understand what they’re saying.

And then we want them to be associated not only with the word, but also with what the context is saying, and then we can make a judgment about whether that’s a word we should use.

In other words, what does the context mean, and what are the implications for how we should think about language?

So that’s the process that we go through when we use a word.

We use it because it’s an appropriate word.

So if you want to use something that is inappropriate, then you can’t.

In fact, we want the word to be the appropriate word, the correct word.

And in our society, that’s very much what we want.

So that was my big point with the definition.

It was about the fact that the science, the way science is done, is based in evidence.

And I think that’s important.

And it’s very important to realize that the definition is a good one, and that the scientific method is based upon evidence, and science is based.

And to really understand the science requires understanding how it’s done.

So what I wanted to talk about here is the process.

What I want to talk more about, I think, is how we as individuals and the general public and our institutions, and the world at large, should be looking at what is being done in science.

It requires looking at the scientific process and how we understand the process, and also the scientific meaning, of words and how that affects how we think.

I don’t want to get too deep into the process here.

I think we’ve talked about it a little bit already.

So this is what we need to do.

We’ve got to understand how words are used in science, and we need more of that in our everyday lives.

This is what you get from the word.

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