Matters Of The Heart…

Posted by justAIMe | Posted in Life | Posted on 22-10-2009


Why do matters of the heart always have to be more difficult then Chinese arithmetic? I mean seriously must it always be so damn complicated. It’s never as easy as Guy likes girl, guy gets girl or Girl likes girl, girl gets girl.

Whats the purpose of this rant? Well I find myself in a bit of a situation. Didn’t realize I had a crush (yes crush your never to old for them damnit!) on someone until just the other day even though when I first laid eyes on them I thought holy fuck they’re quite possibly the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Does this person know? Doubtful which brings me to my issue. Do I let them know?  I mean is it worth making a friendship awkward because you may or may not have certain feelings for them? Maybe they might have them to, maybe it would all be ok, maybe they don’t feel the same in some cases the risks out weigh the rewards. So I think I’m just gonna hang back and hope it passes which won’t be easy this I know. If your that person which I highly doubt you know that you are just know that… I honestly think your absolutely amazing, and quite possibly one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen, but it goes further than that you make me smile,I enjoy talking to you, being around you and everything. Now all I have to do is wait for it all to pass….