American Psychological Association adopts cryptocurrency as standard of digital representation

Crypto coins are a new kind of digital currency.

They can be bought and sold, traded and traded, they can be stored and transferred.

But in the US, the crypto world is still a relatively new thing.

Its emergence is being watched closely by policymakers and investors, who are concerned about its rapid rise in popularity and volatility.

But the crypto community is also trying to adapt.

“There is a lot of potential for crypto to be used for good or evil, depending on your perspective,” said Patrick O’Malley, a computer science professor at George Mason University.

The US crypto market has grown by more than $2.4 billion this year, according to, which tracks new cryptocurrency startups and companies.

More than 1,200 new cryptocurrencies have been launched in 2017, according the most recent data available from CoinMarket, which includes digital currencies and other digital currencies.

Some of these coins are popular with investors, and many are popular because they are cryptos that can be traded, but they can also be used as a way to hedge against volatility.

That’s a major problem for crypto, which has been experiencing sharp volatility for the past year or so.

Some experts have speculated that some of the coins are being developed to be trading tools that help hedge against price swings and volatility in cryptocurrencies.

Others are used as an investment vehicle to diversify portfolios.

But all of the cryptocurrencies are essentially based on the same underlying technology: cryptography.

That means that there is no single crypto that can compete with other cryptocurrencies in terms of speed and scalability.

“Crypto currencies are basically just a form of digital gold, and the gold is being mined in a particular location,” said John C. McAfee, a professor of computer science at the University of Maryland and an expert on cryptocurrency.

“It’s not hard to make a coin out of that.

You can make a currency out of a coin.”’s McAfee said that it is “hard to think of any crypto currency that doesn’t have some inherent value.”

A few years ago, McAfee and others speculated that crypto currencies could be used to replace gold, the precious metal that is used to store and trade coins.

But since then, crypto currencies have gained in popularity as a form to store value, to store wealth, and as a means to move money.

“The problem is that the value of crypto currencies is just getting out of hand,” McAfee told CoinDesk.

The value of a bitcoin, the most widely used crypto-currency, has surged more than 100 times since it was launched in 2009.

At the end of the year, the price of a single bitcoin reached more than US$2,700.

That makes it the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, the first decentralized online currency, are also rising in value, McAuliffe said.

“Ethereum has been going up very, very fast, and Ethereum’s market cap is $2 billion,” he said.

Ethereum is also used by some to create decentralized apps that use the blockchain technology that underpins bitcoin.

A cryptocurrency is essentially a digital asset that can hold value and be traded without the need for a third party like a bank or a payment processor.

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto-token, but the number of coins is growing, too.

The price of one bitcoin reached $11,200 in late August, according a CoinDesk estimate.

That was a record high for a cryptocurrency at the time.

Other currencies are rising in price too, but many are still in their infancy.

For example, the value-added tax on cryptocurrencies was first proposed by the U.S. Treasury in 2015, and has since been extended by the IRS.

But cryptocurrency trading is not regulated in the U, and regulators in the EU, China, South Korea and other countries have recently expressed concerns about the unregulated nature of the industry.

The digital currency industry is growing by leaps and bounds, but its growth is uneven.

According to the CoinDesk research, the digital currency market grew at an annual rate of $2,876 billion last year, while total global digital assets grew at a rate of less than $8.3 billion.

This was a rise of roughly 5% from the year before.

And it’s a big difference from the $13.4 trillion global economy, which grew at 3% last year.

The pace of growth is a far cry from the growth of the financial services sector.

For instance, digital assets like stocks and bonds are increasing at a pace of almost 8% annually, and digital currencies like bitcoin are on track to double that in just a few years.

The growth in the crypto-space is not sustainable.

“We don’t think it’s going to stay like this forever, but we think it could be growing at a faster rate than the economy as a whole,” McAulinsaid.

Bitcoin, by contrast, is trading at over $1,300

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